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Bertrand Pivin

Investing in highly resilient activities: SK FireSafety

When Apax Partners invested in SK FireSafety in 2014, the company was already positioned in a growing market. But the support and restructuring provided for the Group’s activities, carried out in concert with its management, has enabled the company not only to develop new services but also to double its turnover. Repositioned as the leader for early intervention – describing itself as The First Fifteen Minutes Company – the SK FireSafety Group plans to continue its expansion in the Benelux countries and Scandinavia. Bertrand Pivin, Partner at Apax Partners, provides the analysis.

17.04.2020 Il valore aggiunto di Apax
Ewald Draaijer, PDG de SK FireSafety

“Today is good; tomorrow must be better” – Interview with Ewald Draaijer, SK FireSafety CEO

Securing human life and assets in the precious first minutes of an incident before firefighters arrive is vital to survival. It’s also a solid business with solid fundamentals, recurring revenues and a robust outlook. With the support of Apax Partners since 2014, SK FireSafety has been growing and playing a significant role in consolidating this market successfully in the Benelux and Sweden and now plans to become a major player in Europe. CEO Ewald Draaijer explains his modus operandi.

21.04.2020 Interviste ai dirigenti

Digital innovation for new growth drivers

Digital is radically changing time and space. It also modifies ecosystems and the spaces they occupy. Given the risk of new, more flexible entrants, digital innovation has one significant advantage: it provides significant growth drivers and opens the door to sustainable outlooks for development. Two Apax Partners investments, Marlink and Expereo, chose to follow this direction. What follows is a review of the keys to their success.

4MN 27.08.2020 Interviste ai dirigenti

Quality At Scale: How BIP Makes Digital Data Count for its Clients

BIP is a primary multinational consulting firm employing more than 2700 people worldwide (in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the United States, the Arab Emirates, Chile and Colombia). BIP’s professionals offer management consulting services and business integration services, helping companies in the research and adoption of disruptive technological innovation. Fabio Troiani, CEO and Co-founder of BIP explains the company’s differentiating approach to embracing a future driven by technological innovation.

27.08.2020 Interviste ai dirigenti


Apax Partners in exclusive negotiations with the shareholders of Groupe Crystal

Paris (France), 15 September 2020

Apax Partners has entered into exclusive negotiations with the shareholders of Groupe Crystal with a view to acquiring a majority stake in the company.

Apax Partners set to sell its entire shareholding in Amplitude Surgical to PAI Partners

Paris (France), 03 August 2020

Apax Partners is in exclusive talks to sell its entire shareholding in Amplitude Surgical to PAI Partners.

BIP, an Apax Partners Tech & Telecom portfolio company, acquired Chaucer

Paris (France), 15 07 2020

BIP, a primary multinational consulting firm, in which Apax Partners has a majority stake alongside the Founders and Partners since 2018


Apax Partners en négociations exclusives avec les #actionnaires du @GroupeCrystal
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▶️ @ApaxPartners_FR
▶️ @OFI_AM
▶️ @GroupeAPICIL
🔗 https://t.co/aTUBZEJDwn
#investissement #gestion #patrimoine

Apax réussit à ceux qui veulent réussir.

Bonne rentrée à tous !
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Rejoignez le leader européen du private equity, engagé de longue date dans la finance durable. Nous recherchons un Directeur ESG (F/H) pour @ApaxPartners_FR.
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🎙 Marc Benatar, Partner Healthcare at @ApaxPartners_FR will today take part in a special #webinar organized by @McDermottLaw on "The impact of COVID-19 on healthcare deals".
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🗞 Neb JANKOVIC, Pdt du groupe JVS et Isabelle Hermetet, Associée chez @ApaxPartners_FR apportent un regard croisé dans @PEMagazine sur notre accompagnement du groupe pendant près de 4 ans, aidant à la structuration de l'entreprise et à la montée en gamme de son offre. 👇

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