Unity makes strength for Vodafone Malta and Melita

Amanda NelsonVodafone Malta and Melita are joining forces to develop a convergent fixed-line and mobile offering, necessitating a 4G network and investment in Malta’s infrastructure. Amanda Nelson, CEO of Vodafone Malta, talks about where the merger will lead.

Two experts in mobile and fixed networks on the same wavelength

“I am confident that the merger will be beneficial for Malta, our people and our shareholders,” says Amanda enthusiastically. The merger of Vodafone Malta and Melita combines their complementary expertise, “each with real strengths that can greatly improve our customers’ experience. “The CEO points to the 4G network Vodafone has deployed throughout Malta, its roaming capability and the strength of its brand among corporate users. The mobile operator will soon be able to use Melita’s “fantastic fixed network” and its state-of-the-art data centre. Bringing the two operators together should enable them to win over Malta’s consumers and corporate customers alike.

“The demand for convergence is real, both from companies and consumers.” These two segments should benefit from a new bundle offered by Vodafone Malta and Melita after the merger. “Thanks to the merger, consumers will finally have a real, long-term choice between two service providers,” says Amanda, referring to GO, Malta’s historical operator and the only one until now that could offer fully convergent bundles. She wants to give consumers “the best of both worlds”. Pay-TV, internet and fixed and mobile telephony will all be on the menu and all at faster connection speeds. Future quadruple-play solutions should enable the challengers to make their mark in this growing market.

Making Malta Europe’s infrastructure leader

Malta’s infrastructure, set to benefit from new investments, will be the other big winner of this transaction. “Given its demographics and topography, Malta has the highest infrastructure investment cost per capita in Europe. Clearly, by mutualising costs and expanding our combined customer base, we will gain in efficiency.” They will also get a higher quality network. “Malta’s economy is doing very well at the moment. The merger will strengthen foreign direct investment, because Malta will have the best infrastructure in Europe.”

Among these investments, the new Group plans to deploy a 4.5G and eventually 5G network across the whole country. “With the advent of new services such as internet-of-things, economies that want to enter the digital era in earnest will need this technology. They will need data speeds in the gigabit range in both fixed and mobile telephony.” So Malta will be in the pole position.


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