Three questions for… An Education expert

Bertrand Pivin, Partner at Apax Partners, responsible for investments in the Business & Financial Services and Healthcare sectors.

What specific characteristics of the education market should be taken into account when expanding abroad?

The first factor to bear in mind in order to effectively manage growth is that education is a local market, anchored geographically. It is also a sector mostly financed by the government. Private industry thus develops in accordance with the quality of the public education offering. Finally, it is a highly competitive market, given that you can study anywhere in the world.

How can a French SME stand out on this market?

The INSEEC Group, whom we support with Apax Partners, focuses on three sectors in which France is traditionally very strong: luxury goods and hotels, wines and spirits, communication and digital marketing. As a French company, it has a real competitive advantage for training in these fields.

As a Partner at Apax Partners, how do you help company managers with this stage of their growth?

What we offer managers is close support. They can rely on us to discuss their strategy and analyse with them the opportunities that international expansion would afford. Broadly speaking, we must answer two questions: “Where are we going?” and “How should we get there in order to succeed?”


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