Three questions for… A Retail and Consumer expert

Candelier_BrunoBruno Candelier, Partner at Apax Partners, responsible for investments in the Retail & Consumer sector.

Today, what makes a retail or consumer goods SME want to expand internationally?

It is first and foremost an opportunity for growth. With France’s economy stagnating, when a company reaches a certain size on the French market, international expansion becomes an essential driver of growth.

How should businesses adapt their offering to succeed abroad?

As little as possible! In the retail and consumer sectors, the most virtuous international growth is that which calls for only a small modification to the offering. This limits the complexity and extra costs associated with international expansion. Nonetheless, it is often necessary for companies to adjust their products to local habits, tastes and body types. The important thing in this process is to remain faithful to the strengths of the business.

What are the advantages of e-commerce for expanding a business abroad?

E-commerce allows a business to test the appetite of the market for the company’s products, quickly and at low cost. If e-commerce activity is dynamic in a country where a business is not present, it may be a good idea to open a few retail outlets there.


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