TEXA is looking to digital services to build customer loyalty among insurers

In these lean budget times, many B2B service providers have had to do more for less money. The insurance sector is no exception to this rule. Rattled by newcomers who, like Google, aim to cut out the middleman in the sector, and by banks that are now incorporating insurance policies in their products, insurers are passing the pressure on to their suppliers.

The French company TEXA is the leader in its field and specialises in providing expertise and insurance claims management services. Its experts perform damage assessments and repair what needs to be repaired. “We are responsible for delivering the promise of the insurer” explains the Chairman of the TEXA Management Board, Bruno Vesval.

Digital technology, a means of reducing the cost of processing information

B-Vesval_PA-Lage_C-ArreboleDigital technology was first used to reduce TEXA’s operating costs by automating the administrative management of its workflows (insurance claims, expert reports, etc.). “The majority of our expenses must be allocated to the services of experts. We seek maximum optimisation of the portion allocated to information processing” notes the Chairman. In order to rethink the Group’s processes, management took inspiration from the logistical practices of retail giants such as H&M. “Like them, we work on a just-in-time flow of information” Bruno Vesval continues.

Experts now visit claims sites equipped with digital tablets that serve as a “portable office”. “We have completely automated the reporting of data in order to better communicate with the insurers’ IT systems” explains Pierre-Antoine Lagé, TEXA’s Chief Executive Officer – a particularly laborious task given the extreme heterogeneity of insurance companies’ IT systems.

In order to achieve this, the group has redesigned its Information System. A €5 million project over two years, which TEXA has chosen to carry out internally. Management was left unconvinced by the solutions offered by external service providers who “didn’t understand the business”, and wanted a flexible and intuitive tool that would be developed and deployed under tight deadlines, and that the teams would quickly adopt. “We have a test and learn culture. We try things out, we see what works and, little by little, we make the tool better” explains Pierre-Antoine Lagé. This strategy has borne fruit: the deadlines were met and the adoption of TEXA’s new IT system did not require any specialised training.

Extranet and video conferencing to improve customer relations

Christophe Arrebolle, the Chief Operating Officer, comes from the insurance world. He has observed insurers’ growing interest in customer relations. Hence the idea of using digital technology to offer insurers a digital workspace that facilitates formalities and customer information. TEXA’s extranet was upgraded in order to receive all information related to the insured party’s history, from contractual documents to claims management. “Our extranet improves the satisfaction of the insured, and therefore improves the satisfaction of the insurer” sums up Christophe Arrebolle.

Another solution developed by TEXA to improve its insurer clients’ satisfaction: video expertise. Used like a video conference during the experts’ meeting following the claim, it makes it possible to include the underwriter, agent or insurer with whom the insured signed his or her contract. This is done without anyone having to travel. Christophe Arrebolle remarks that “the insurers and the insured generally only meet once, when they sign the contract. Video expertise is a way of reintegrating the insurers into the process following the claim”.

Artificial intelligence to assess the cost of claims

“More artificial intelligence in our programmes”, this is Pierre-Antoine Lagé’s promise for TEXA’s future growth. Eventually, the CEO wishes to establish a model for expertise work and to partially computerise the costing of damages. “Currently, there are no expert-systems that make it possible to analyse the claim data” he adds. A new field for research – and for growth? – for TEXA. With Apax Partners’ assistance, the group intends to further accelerate its digital transformation in the coming months.


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