Sandaya finds fertile ground on social media

To acquire and retain new customers, Sandaya has completed its digital transformation. The online experience has been improved and the social media strategy better integrated. François Georges, Chairman & CEO of Sandaya, explains how the premium campsite network achieved these two goals. 

In 2017, Sandaya decided to use data to make continuous adjustments to its strategy. “We wanted better knowledge of our customers, their spending habits and how they found us. This information is essential to us, because it has enabled us to optimise our communication and market our services better.”

Sandaya has launched numerous customer satisfaction surveys to collect first-hand information about its customers, and it learned two principal lessons. To acquire new customers on digital channels, the brand’s online visibility could be improved, and so could the customer experience on

The experience is now rich and exciting

So the website and the reservations platform were redesigned in 2018. “To make the site more user-friendly, the reservations funnel was reworked so that the holidaymaker would get better guidance and attention throughout his or her visit,” says François. And he is happy to report that in the end, the conversion rate improved.

At the same time, the site’s mobile version was redone. This strategic choice paid off, because mobile traffic now represents 50% of all visits to the website, vs 36% a year ago.

Last but not least, the content was updated, from geographical locations to the activities offered at the campsite and in the immediate vicinity, to things to see and do in the surrounding region. Everything was enriched and “this improved our natural search ranking significantly and our overall visibility on the internet,” François is pleased to say. What’s more, customer feedback has been very positive! The new content strategy was immediately rewarded by a surge in the number of page visits between November and December 2018 (+300%). Visitors clearly took pleasure in imagining themselves on holiday. At the same time, the site saw double-digit growth in traffic (+25%). This excellent figure also resulted from a more consistent and better integrated social media strategy.

The camping spirit is alive and well on Instagram

It may seem counterintuitive, but the Facebook and Instagram mentality dovetails perfectly with the camping culture. “In the past, you chose a pitch, got comfortable with it and came back every year. Your neighbours became your friends,” François remembers. “Today, you use social media to rediscover that community spirit.”

Sandaya is looking to expand its community. Posting amazing visuals and sharing the best holiday moments turns out to be very efficient. In the space of a year, Sandaya’s Facebook fan base has tripled and its Instagram base has increased fivefold. These good results generate surplus traffic on The virtuous circle validates the effort the company has put in since early 2018.

Moving towards connected campsites

But Sandaya is not resting on its laurels. In the near future Sandaya plans to beef up its digital offering even further. “We plan to develop an application that will push information in real time to holidaymakers for booking a table or signing up for an activity, for example,” says François. Sandaya is also getting ready to install connected objects in its campsites to encourage even more interactivity. Contrary to conventional wisdom, digital can be a connector right there at the campsite.

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