Sale of Unilabs: a wrap-up from CEO Jos Lamers

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After 10 years of support, Apax Partners is selling its stake in Unilabs, European leader in medical diagnostics. Jos Lamers, CEO, spoke to us about his company’s successful strategy to win market share.


How has Apax Partners supported you over the last 10 years?

In the space of a few years alongside Apax Partners, we have acquired 70 independent medical laboratories and small regional chains – including 50 in France – and have become the market’s cost leader. At the same time, we have hired new staff and put new management in place to boost competitiveness and increase organic growth. As a result, between 2007 and 2016, Unilabs’ sales increased more than 3.5 times, from €196 million to €680 million.

What can you say about the Apax team? 

It was a real pleasure to work with Apax Partners. I will have warm memories of my dealings with Bertrand Pivin, who worked closely with us. His wisdom, his knowledge of the sector and his international expertise were very valuable to us at key stages of our growth and development. I am sure that our paths will cross again!

And about Unilabs’ future?

We have ambitious targets and hope to achieve sales of €2 billion within the next three years. Our priority is to continue to innovate and support our growth in today’s promising European markets. Most recently, we purchased Alpha Médical, a medical diagnostics company based in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Other acquisitions will follow. This is the beginning of an exciting period for us.



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