Miguel Veiga Martins will challenge Portuguese operators with Cabovisão-ONI

Cabovisao_and_ONI_Miguel_Veiga_Martins-Apax_PartnersThe new CEO of this Portuguese telecom group took over on 9 May. He has a disruptive plan to shake up an ultra-competitive market.


How was your first day as CEO of Cabovisão and ONI?

It was a great first day. From the word “go”, I had a clear picture of what we need to accomplish and how we will challenge the Portuguese telecoms ecosystem. I am very enthusiastic about getting started.


What is your plan for Cabovisão-ONI?

We have to make ourselves stand out in a very competitive market. Our rivals primarily offer “packaged” services. Cabovisão-ONI will offer more transparency and more balance by enabling customers to pay only for what they need. It’s a completely new strategy in this market. But I prefer not to say anything more for the moment!


A word about your new shareholders, Apax Partners and Fortino Capital?

Apax Partners and Fortino Capital are very involved shareholders. They bring both financial resources and their very welcome personal skills. They also give Cabovisão-ONI access to their network. The business plan we have developed together is ambitious, but I am confident about it. I truly believe a telecoms operator can be more open and more willing to adapt to the needs of each user.


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