Malta converts to 4.5G with Melita

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Apax Partners and Fortino Capital have invested in Melita, the leading Maltese cable operator. Harald Roesch, the company’s new CEO, intends to give Malta the best telecoms infrastructure in Europe.


What are your objectives as CEO of Melita?

To give Malta Europe’s best telecommunications infrastructure by the end of 2016. Melita’s revenue and EBITDA have been growing at 5-10% for several years. These favourable results have come about because the company has always offered more innovative services to its subscribers. I intend to accelerate the pace of innovation. In fixed-line telephony and high-speed internet, we are already the best and intend to remain so. In television, we are planning significant improvements during the year, in particular with the advent of HD and rebroadcasts. But our two biggest projects are converting the mobile network to 4.5G between now and the end of the year and deploying the wifi network, which currently covers a quarter of the island.


Which project will you work on first?

Customer service is our priority. For example, we have made a commitment to handle all individual technical problems within 24 hours. To do this we must improve our internal processes and use the technology that will bring us closer to customers. A system of mobile applications is being developed to capture every user’s network data and tie the data to our IT system. In this way, as soon as a problem appears, a notification is sent out to inform users. This prevents our customer service department being overloaded with calls and lets us act more rapidly to fix the problem.


How will Apax Partners help you achieve these objectives?

In private equity, it is very important to work with a fund that shares your way of thinking. Apax Partners shares our objectives, and specifically it emphasises growth rather than immediate profit and cost cutting. Apax’s knowledge of the telecoms market and the financial flexibility it offers us will support our value creation and enable us to make the necessary infrastructure investments. What’s more, their team is very pleasant to work with!



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