[INTRODUCTION] Growth models that were robust yesterday have been swept away

EditoIt’s now a groundswell. The results of the third annual barometer of the digital maturity of mid-sized French companies clearly demonstrate it. The French economy’s leaders are relentlessly modernising their growth models, their production processes and their customer relationships. Digital technologies are central to these major transformations, contributing an increasing number of disruptive innovations. Growth models that were robust yesterday have been swept away.

The revolution is particularly palpable in customer relations, the subject upon which the barometer focuses. Companies now have an unprecedented array of digital solutions for contacting their customers and prospects as well as for anticipating or even creating new needs for them.

Nevertheless, despite the investments they have made and the potential of the new tools, mid-sized companies are having trouble establishing a clear strategy for taking full advantage of available digital opportunities. Data are rarely exploited, assuming they are collected at all, and companies are still faced with unfinished projects.

The vast majority of mid-sized companies have not yet found nor implemented the solutions for reinventing their customer relationships. Not yet. But given the investments planned for the future, there is no doubt they will soon be surfing the wave.

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