Infopro Digital’s CEO looks back on the partnership with Apax Partners

Infopro Digital_Christophe Czajka-SELECTION PORTRAITS APAX-2After more than eight years with Apax Partners, Infopro Digital has been sold to TowerBrook. Founder and CEO, Christophe Czajka chats to us about his winning strategy.


How has Apax Partners supported you over the last eight years?

Apax Partners supported us through more than 15 acquisitions during those eight years. On the back of its support, our revenue increased fivefold from €60 million to €300 million. Apax Partners was much more than a financial partner; it was a true business ally. Our board discussions benefited from Apax Partners’ proven track record in acquisitions. And from a management perspective, we worked in a climate of trust. We had considerable autonomy to manage our operations, which isn’t always the case with an investment fund. When we acquired Le Moniteur, Apax Partners’ support proved to be crucial. While others may have been scared off by the size of the operation, Apax Partners was by our side from start to finish.


What about their investment team?

It was a pleasure to work with Apax Partners investors. They are experts in their subject matter, in particular build-ups and digitisation, the two principal ways we create value. They also had a keen interest in our business, which is both reassuring and spurs you on when you are seeking to expand. There is a warm, welcoming atmosphere in their team, and the interpersonal relations there are excellent. It is said that investors are often best judged at the time they exit a company. Apax Partners has proven to us that it is professional and loyal.


What does the future hold for Infopro Digital?

We aim to become Europe’s professional information leader. We are currently France’s leading provider of professional information services and we will leverage internationalisation and digitisation to expand in Europe. Our medium-term objective is to rank in Europe’s top five BtoB media groups in terms of valuation.


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