“I am delighted about the ENGIE – Altran strategic partnership”

Gilles_Rigal2Sensors in production facilities, new technologies to improve process productivity and remote facility activation are just part of the industrial asset digitalisation design project ENGIE has recently assigned to Altran. The objective is to build a digital roadmap and showcase actual industrial applications. This is excellent news for Altran, confirming its position as a leading global player in smart factories.

Apax Partners has supported Altran for over eight years. Since our investment, its revenues have surged ahead. We are pleased to continue developing this standout in the French economy, headed by CEO Dominique Cerutti. The company’s global business development plan aims to generate more value-added and leverage the company’s Industrialized Globalshore® development centres, operational excellence and geographical expansion. This should generate over €3 billion in revenue and high profit margins. We are also helping Altran to become more international, in collaboration with its M&A team. Our priorities are to develop in high-potential markets such as the US and India. We actively seek out innovations and know-how where they are being developed. In data science, for instance, Altran has acquired the UK company Tessella, which has become our World Class Centre for Analytics.

Altran is a perfect example of what we are looking to build in TMT. We are very involved in this sector and have recently invested in a global software provider and a cable operator. We seek SMEs with the potential to become market leaders. Like Altran eight years ago.


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