“Gfi Informatique and Altran cross their respective thresholds of €1 billion and €2 billion in sales”

Gilles_Rigal2It’s official: Gfi Informatique and Altran have just reported sales in excess of €1 billion and €2 billion, respectively. Gfi’s sales grew 13.6% and Altran’s 9%, breaking all previous records and setting up favourable prospects for 2017.

I see two principal reasons for Altran’s success. Firstly, demand for R&D and innovation is very strong, and European markets are buoyant. Altran’s performance in France, where it realises 40% of its sales, was exceptional, growing by 6.7% in 2016. The strategic German market returned to growth.

Secondly, Altran’s Industrialized Globalshore® model is expanding. More than 4,500 people now work in the Group’s near- and off-shore development centres. 2016 confirmed Altran’s incredible potential and has validated Dominique Cerutti’s worldwide business development plan. Reaching €2.1 billion in consolidated sales is a first successful step in pursuit of the Ignition 2020 goal of €3 billion within the next four years. Several planned or recently completed acquisitions (Lohika, Synapse, Pricol Technologies, Swell and Benteler Engineering) bring considerable sales volumes on board and should generate positive momentum in 2017.

2016 was also an exceptional year for Gfi Informatique, which posted more organic growth than in any year since 2009, both in France and abroad. Spurred on by its Chairman & CEO Vincent Rouaix, the Group has rebalanced its international activities. The portion of sales achieved outside France increased from 15% in 2015 to 25% in 2016. This growth is supported by the acquisitions of Roff in Portugal, Efron in Spain and Impaq in Poland.


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