“FDA Approval opens key US market to Amplitude Surgical”

bertrand_pivin_recadre_pour_site_apax-partners_bd_couleur-avril2016sergeverglas-002This week, Amplitude Surgical obtained FDA approval to sell in the United States its flagship product, the Anatomic knee prosthesis. This excellent news opens the door to the world’s largest knee prosthesis market, estimated at over $4 billion. The company is well-positioned to tackle this new opportunity. It has already proven, through innovation and service quality, its ability to succeed in markets dominated by very large companies. Amplitude Surgical has already established a foothold in the United States through Novastep, its foot and ankle division. We can now reasonably expect its flagship product, which is already growing at 15% p.a., to produce significant results there. If this product were to capture only 1% market-share, the company’s revenue would double!

Amplitude Surgical US development is a perfect example of how we help to internationalise our companies. We encourage them to pursue ambitious objectives to boost organic growth. We assist them in identifying and securing strategic foreign acquisitions. Specifically, in the case of Amplitude Surgical, we helped the company focus on the most promising countries, notably Australia and Brazil, and invested in local strategic assets that formed the base for the outstanding growth of the company to date.

The healthcare sector is key for us. We aim to identify and support mid-sized companies that are leveraging their specific business model or proprietary technology to lower healthcare costs or improve healthcare quality.


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