Apax Partners invests in InfoVista

InfoVista_Philippe_Ozanian_Apax_PartnersApax Partners has finalised the acquisition of InfoVista, a worldwide provider of network performance software solutions. We asked Philippe Ozanian, CEO of InfoVista, two questions:


What are your new objectives?

“We have doubled our turnover and quadrupled our EBITDA over the last four years. Our new five-year objective is to triple our top-line revenue, in other words to exceed €250 million. We are counting on both organic growth and acquisitions to accomplish this, but only constant investment in R&D and careful attention to the company’s assets will make it possible. We must ensure that our employees work in an environment where they feel good and can realise their full potential and that our performance is exemplary vis-à-vis customers, and we are confident that if we do this, we will succeed in meeting the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves.”


What convinced you to go with Apax Partners?

“First and foremost, their people. We met with Apax Partners at the end of 2015 and got on well with them from the very start. Gilles Rigal and his team share the same values as we do: an operational mindset, respect for the rules and for each person’s role, and a straightforward way of speaking that is very dear to us. Secondly, we know that Apax Partners has expertise in the Software and Telecoms sectors and its particularities. Lastly, they have experience in acquisitions. This is important, because we are developing an acquisition strategy, and having Apax Partners alongside us will be a real boon to us.”


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