Apax Partners delivers on its digital communication strategy

SVP_5040-Coralie Cornet APAX-2016-04-18_FIRSTCoralie Cornet, Apax Partners’ communications director has made digital a priority. Here she answers a few questions about the launch of the group’s new website.


How would you sum up Apax Partners’ digital communications strategy?

When we began our digitisation process, our aim was to strengthen our relations with corporate executives and demonstrate the proximity that exists between the entrepreneurs supported by Apax Partners and the partners themselves. Last year, we launched an e-zine for corporate executives focusing on new growth drivers.  We interview CEOs about their strategies, outside experts such as Stéphane Père, Chief Data Officer at The Economist, and Apax Partners’ partners, who explain in concrete terms the work they do to support executives. It’s a new service for sharing best practices and analyses with executives in our network, as well as those who don’t yet know us and who want to learn more about our approach to investing. They can read this news online on Apax Talks or receive it by e-mail if they sign up to the newsletter. The feedback has been very positive. CEOs appreciate the e-zine’s innovative features, and the number of readers is steadily on the rise. Most importantly, in our opinion, is the reading time, at an average of two to five minutes per article.

In addition to Apax Talks, we have also launched “News flash” to keep our network informed of the latest news at Apax Partners, such as new investments, divestments, etc.


You have recently redesigned Apax Partners’ website. What was your objective?


To be a sounding board for all news on Apax Partners and its investments. Our goal is to deliver relevant information to entrepreneurs, investors, our Private Equity ecosystem and journalists. This is why we designed the site based on our various audiences.  The Portfolio section presents the history of our investments, while testimonials from CEOs are provided in the Entrepreneurs section.  The Value creation section focuses on Apax Partners’ strategic development priorities, namely acquisitions, internationalisation and digitisation. We also showcase our investment team, providing details on their backgrounds and specialisations, as well as links to Apax Talks articles. We are a professional, yet approachable organisation and we want to share our way of working with those around us. Aesthetically, we wanted the new site to be as clean and welcoming as possible. We have also streamlined links to social networks. All articles can be tweeted directly from the site and reposted on LinkedIn and Twitter.


 Any last remarks?

Digital communication is only one aspect of Apax Partners’ global strategy. You can, of course, learn more on our new website, at www.apax.fr.


Apax Talks


Apax Talks is a digital magazine aimed at company managers. It presents growth levers for SMEs, with a focus on TMT, consumer, healthcare and services sectors.