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Fire safety: “Setting the right example is the key to being well-organized”

Serge Célerin, former captain of the Paris Fire Brigade, is now safety consultant. Here, he describes the best practices for managing fire risks on company premises.

3MN 07.04.2020 Words from experts

THOM's transformation started with e-commerce and remains committed to the customer

For Romain Péninque, CEO of THOM Europe, three external factors gave rise to his company's digital transformation: 1) meetings with other retail group executives who were ahead of the curve in digital technology; 2) the emergence of specialized pure players such as Ademence and Gemmyo; and 3) discussions with shareholders who had already experienced a broad, successful digital transformation. Focus on the digital transformation of THOM Europe.

07.01.2020 Words from experts

Recruiting & Retaining the B2B Client: “No Channel Stands Alone”

Digital marketing is generally associated with B2C strategy. So, it may be surprising to learn that B2B companies face similar customer-related issues: acquisition, retention, brand awareness and so on. But similar though the challenges may be, the solutions take a different path. Cheryl Ragland, Chief Marketing Officer of Infovista, a leading global network provider, offers insight into what’s driving B2B marketing today.

07.01.2020 Words from experts

Venture Philanthropy maximises the social impact of major charities

Created nearly 10 years ago by Maurice Tchenio, the AlphaOmega Foundation uses private equity methods to efficiently support major charitable institutions and help extend their reach. Elisabeth Elkrief, Managing Director of the AlphaOmega Foundation explains the principles and objectives of this unique foundation that is coupled with an endowment fund invested in private equity.

3MN 08.04.2019 Words from experts

PUR Project is an ambitious solution for sustainable sourcing

PUR Project, created more than 10 years ago by Tristan Lecomte, guides companies towards more responsible operations and production through a concept called “insetting”. Pierric Jammes, co-founder and Chief Executive, describes this “internal offsetting” model, which is better for the planet than simply trading carbon credits.

3MN 08.04.2019 Words from experts

Change Management is the key to digital transformation

Grégory Salinger, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Apax Partners, and Vincent Boutteau, Partner Digital Strategy & Transformation at EY-Parthenon, explain how managers should use change management to organise their transformation.

3MN 21.02.2019 Words from experts

Mid-sized companies need a 360° view of digital

The majority of mid-sized French companies have now launched their digital transformation. Some are making their processes paperless, while others, further ahead in the game, are collecting and using data. The challenge for companies, wherever they are in their transformation, is integrating digital into their strategy and structuring themselves accordingly. Pierre-Olivier Brial, General Manager of Manutan and co-Chairman of the METI digital commission, elaborates.

3MN 21.02.2019 Words from experts

SD-WAN networks are revolutionizing the telecommunications sector

After the huge changes witnessed in the first decade of the new millennium, with the rise of corporate IP networks, the telecoms sector and its supporting ecosystem are facing further disruption with the arrival of Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs). Etienne Costes, a Partner at Parthenon-EY, and Jonathan Shulman, a Partner at McKinsey & Company, reveal the trends, opportunities and new challenges in the market.

3MN 04.02.2019 Words from experts

A success story made in France

Why cashmere? What were the major milestones in building the Bompard group? Founder Eric Bompard looks back at the brand’s beginnings and explains why he has handed the reins to Xavier Marie and Apax Partners.

3MN 05.11.2018 Words from experts

Digital is reshuffling private equity’s value-creation cards

Kea-Euclyd has been advising companies in the digital transformation of their businesses for 17 years. For Didier Long, Kea-Euclyd’s founder, digital is an essential source of value creation that will force private equity firms to rethink their support strategy. Here’s what he had to say.

3MN 17.09.2018 Words from experts

Four questions on digital technology for Pierre Reboul, founder of Electronic Business Group (EBG)

Pierre Reboul, the founder of Electronic Business Group (EBG), explores the new challenges and opportunities that digital technologies create for SMEs, from the digital transformation of companies to market globalisation to new investment niches.

2MN 17.09.2018 Words from experts

European private equity is undergoing consolidation and globalisation

Nicolas Renauld, Head of Private Equity Investment at CA Indosuez, believes the European private equity market is now nearly as mature as its North American counterpart. Let’s take a look at this rapidly changing sector.

3MN 17.09.2018 Words from experts

More fair weather ahead for private equity in 2018

With multiples climbing ever higher and mega deals coming thick and fast, French private equity has entered the European top three in number of deals and buyouts. This is increasing competition and will prompt funds to think hard about their new investment strategies. Daphné Vattier, Partner at Bain & Company, explains.

3MN 17.09.2018 Words from experts

For a listed company, an international acquisition brings complexity

Céline Méchain, Partner at Goldman Sachs Paris, Yves Ayache, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, and Mathieu Gross, Managing Director and Global Head of TMT Investment Banking at Crédit Agricole CIB advised Altran on its acquisition of Aricent. In this interview, they reflect on the principal complexities and the keys to success when a listed company undertakes a “transformative” acquisition.

3MN 18.06.2018 Words from experts

Creative, agile and family-owned: SMEs made in Italy

Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Italy's leading bank, deciphers the distinguishing features of the Italian market and its fabric of SMEs.

3MN 28.05.2018 Words from experts

Where do French companies stand on digital transformation?

How do mid-sized French companies stack up against their CAC40 counterparts and the rest of Europe? Here’s what Gilles Babinet, France’s Digital Champion on the European Commission, had to say.

3MN 07.02.2018 Words from experts

Turning digital transformation into business reality for mid-sized companies

Mid-sized French companies are now aware of the importance of digital transformation. The next step is to turn this into a business reality. Sébastien Hours, CEO of Keria, and Pierre-Olivier Brial, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Manutan and chairman of METI’s digital commission, explain what they mean (METI is the French association of Mid-sized companies).

3MN 07.02.2018 Words from experts

Entrepreneurs appreciate Apax Partners’ efficiency and proximity

A co-investor alongside Apax Partners MidMarket since 2016, when he became a shareholder in telecom operators Melita (Malta) and Nowo-ONI (Portugal), Duco Sickinghe looks back on his collaboration with the French investment fund.

3MN 30.01.2018 Words from experts

Harvard Business School: the online version

Three years ago, the stellar Harvard Business School (HBS) launched HBX, its online course program. Patrick Mullane, HBX Executive Director, discusses its success.

3MN 29.11.2017 Words from experts

Neobanks: the new rules

In just three years, Compte-Nickel has established itself as the leading bank account opener in France. The company guarantees a RIB (French bank account number) and a bank card in five minutes at any newsagent/tobacco shop.

3MN 28.09.2017 Words from experts

Private Equity: the development of brands

In recent years, investment platforms have had the wind in their sails. Antoine Dréan and Virginie Bourel, Triago’s Chairman and Partner, shed light on the emergence of new private equity brands.

3MN 11.07.2017 Words from experts

The major trends transforming French IT services companies

What are the major trends that will transform the digital services (ITS) sector, and what competitive advantages will make a difference? Alexandre Ménard, Partner at McKinsey & Company, explains.

3MN 07.07.2017 Words from experts

Unity makes strength for Vodafone Malta and Melita

Vodafone Malta and Melita are joining forces to develop a convergent fixed-line and mobile offering, necessitating a 4G network and investment in Malta’s infrastructure. Amanda Nelson, CEO of Vodafone Malta, talks about where the merger will lead.

3MN 05.07.2017 Words from experts

Storytelling: sell your brand before your products

3MN 26.04.2017 Words from experts

Play the “France” brand

3MN 26.04.2017 Words from experts

How Maisons du Monde exports its store concept

A third of its sales already come from outside France, and Maisons du Monde aims to increase this proportion to 50% in 2020 by developing its single brand and leveraging e-commerce to test new markets at lower cost. To learn more, we spoke with Xavier Marie, the company’s founder.

3MN 25.04.2017 Words from experts

From a local brand to a global brand, by Jean-Noël Kapferer

How does a brand become global? Insights from Jean-Noël Kapferer, professor at HEC and an expert in internationally renowned brands.

3MN 25.04.2017 Words from experts

[Apax Lab] How to deploy innovation strategies

3MN 24.02.2017 Words from experts

Insuring healthcare innovation

How should public and private insurers cover innovation?

3MN 15.12.2016 Words from experts

Behind-the-scenes of a robot-assisted surgery

Alain Valverde, head of the digestive surgery unit at the Diaconesses Croix Saint Simon hospital (Paris-France), invites us into a 21st century operating theatre.

3MN 15.12.2016 Words from experts

BtoB: Remaining on the cutting edge of banking innovation.

Thierry Laborde, Chief Operating Officer at BNP Paribas, has put innovation firmly at the forefront of the bank's development strategy.

3MN 30.09.2016 Words from experts

The Economist banks on big data

Stéphane Père is France’s first Chief Data Officer in the media sector. And he has a plan to use big data to increase subscriptions to the magazine.

3MN 11.07.2016 Words from experts

Instantaneous, fun, customised: tomorrow's retailing

What will tomorrow's retailing look like? The response of Catherine Barba, an expert in e-commerce and digital transformation, based in New York, at the cutting edge of the trends.

3MN 26.04.2016 Words from experts

What CroissancePlus expects from investment funds

The financing of growth and more. The Vice-President of CroissancePlus, Nicolas d'Hueppe, explains the new expectations of its members with regards to investment funds.

3MN 26.04.2015 Words from experts

Post-Merger Integration: what to expect in 2016? Boston Consulting Group's predictions

Heightened regulatory risks, a financial community on the look-out and the importance of getting the timing right. Interview with Axel Reinaud, Senior Partner responsible for PMI (Post-Merger Integration) issues at Boston Consulting Group, and Jérôme Hervé, Senior Partner responsible for Private Equity.

3MN 26.04.2015 Words from experts

[video] 8 tips from digital champion Gilles Babinet for SME managers

Our special guest for this second edition, Gilles Babinet, the "digital champion", provides eight tips for a successful digital transformation via video.

3MN 26.01.2015 Words from experts
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