Jos Lamers
Chief Executive Officer

Unilabs aspires to be at the heart and start of all effective treatment decisions. With over 115 laboratories, 44 imaging units and a broad catalogue of more than 2,500 diagnostic tests, Unilabs is one of Europe’s leading providers of clinical laboratory testing and medical diagnostic imaging services. Headquartered in Geneva, the Unilabs Group services sectors ranging from private and public healthcare providers to local governments, from pharmaceutical companies to the general public. Unilabs Group employs more than 4,500 people worldwide, successfully operating laboratory and medical diagnostic imaging facilities in 12 countries.


Sector: Healthcare Investment date: 2007


2015 was a record year for Unilabs, with total reported sales of €673m and EBITDA of €115m. Both organic sales and EBITDA growth rate were above the guidance provided for 2015.

Other significant highlights in the last quarter of 2015 include:

  • Organic net sales growth, driven by volume increases across all regions.
  • Confirmation of new 6-year and 5-year imaging contracts in Norway (€11.5 revenue) and Sweden (€1.8m revenue), respectively.
  • Cost leadership initiative delivered savings of €5.9m for the quarter (and €16.1m over the full year, vs expectation of €12 million).


  • Management team was significantly strengthened.
  • Appointment of Karl-Erik Clausen as new CFO, Patrice Ferrand as new CEO France, and Andreas Gattiker as new CEO Switzerland.