Romain Peninque
Eric Belmonte
Sector: Consumer Investment date: 2010 Apax position: Participation minoritaire Activity: MidMarket
Why did we invest?

THOM Europe is a leader in a stable, high-margin and fragmented market, in which scale provides a key competitive advantage. Its retail concepts, found in prime locations, stand out from competition and are supported by best-in-class operations.

Its outstanding, proven and highly-committed management team has a strong market knowledge.

How do we intend to create value?

THOM Europe shows significant growth potential via new openings in both shopping centres and city centres, development of e-commerce and international expansion.

40% of revenues are made internationally compared to 3% at acquisition in 2010.

The group has significantly expanded internationally to become the #1 jewelery retailer in Europe with c. 1 000 stores across France, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

Several acquisitions completed across Europe since acquisition in 2010.

France : 43 stores of the Piery retail chain as well as several small family jewelry retail groups

Italie : Stroilli (369 stores), the #1 jewelry retailer in Italy as well as 2 independent jewelry retail chains

Allemagne : Oro Vivo (38 stores), the #3 jewelry retail chain in Germany

Focus on the omnichannel development:

  • Recruitment of an e-commerce manager to step up this business in Italy
  • Inventory pooled to slash order delivery lead times
  • Instore digital launched, whereby customers can order jewellery engravings instore via a tablet