Ewald Draaijer

SK FireSafety Group specialises in the protection of people and assets in three key areas: sale and maintenance of first intervention products, design and maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems for high-value assets in critical environments, and maintenance of cabin safety equipment specific to the aviation sector. The group is headquartered in Breda (Netherlands), has operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Norway and United Arab Emirates, and employs 650 people.


Sector: Services Investment date: 2014 Apax position: Majority Activity: MidMarket
Why did we invest?

The fire safety market offers robust fundamentals and recurring revenues.
SK FireSafety successfully participated in consolidating this market and is well positionned to pursue acquisitions in other geographies. The company has a large customer base and strong international growth potential in its various market segments.

How do we intend to create value?

SK FireSafety Group aims at becoming a major player in fire safety in Europe. The company will strengthen its leadership in its historical markets and carry out targeted acquisitions elsewhere in Europe.
In addition to these acquisitions, international expansion in selected operations (e.g. Products and Aviation) will drive value creation.


In 2017, SK FireSafety Group generated revenues of €109m, up 3% compared to 2016 mainly due to the good performance of recurring businesses.

SK FireSafety Group expanded in the USA and Malaysia with the acquisition of two companies for is Aviation Business Unit. It is a solid addition to the previous expansion in the Netherlands and in the U.K.

SK FireSafety Group expanded its Business Unit Aviation with the acquisition of two companies:

  • Team Aero Services in the USA
  • Destini Berhad in Malaysia

SK FireSafety Group has established a strong reputation due to the digitalisation of its full-service program.

The company entered Smart Technologies for their First Intervention Services in extinguishers and emergency lighting.

Focus on paperless offices for all the 200 service technicians in Nordic Europe.



In 2016, SK FireSafety Group generated revenue of €105m, up 12% compared to 2015 mainly due to the good performance of recurring businesses.


In 2015, SK FireSafety Group confirmed strong fundamentals in its products and Aviation units. The Oil & Gas business was impacted by the prevailing market turmoil.


  • Implementation of a PDA-based service work-order automation system. The engineer receives on his PDA the planning for the week, the route for the day and schematics of the client’s building. Products and spare parts are delivered overnight to the service engineers’ vehicle at his home.
  • The main benefits are: shorter travel time, efficient logistics, knowledge retained in the digital system, and fast and effective invoicing.