Jacques Royer

The group Royer designs, sources, markets and distributes branded and unbranded footwear products for the massmarket


Sector: Consumer Investment date: 2007 Apax position: Minority Activity: MidMarket
Why did we invest?

Groupe Royer has a leading position in value-added wholesale in France. The company benefits from a unique know-how in product design, sourcing, logistics and brand management. It operates in a large and stable footwear market.

How do we intend to create value?

The investment thesis consists in positioning Group Royer as the leading footwear brand manager.

The company expects expansion of its value-added wholesale activity in Europe and of Kickers sales in North America and Asia. There is as significant potential for growth through consolidation. Numerous potential acquisition targets in Europe have been identified, both value-added wholesalers and footwear brands.

30% of Groupe Royer’s revenues are completed internationally.

Expansion of Group activities in Europe primaly through New Balance’s licence and in Asia and North America through Kickers and Charles Jourdan.

10 acquisitions completed including Kickers, Charles Jourdan, Ungaro and Hungaria.