11.2018 | Eric Bompard is ready to take on the rest of Europe

A success story made in France

Why cashmere? What were the major milestones in building the Bompard group? Founder Eric Bompard looks back at the brand’s beginnings and explains why he has handed the reins to Xavier Marie and Apax Partners.

3MN 05.11.2018 Words from experts

The consumer sector must meet its new challenges

What are the best ways to create value in a market that has become considerably more competitive? Who are the most advantageous partners, and which skills are most important to have for the future? Caroline Rémus, President of Apax Partners Development, offers answers to these questions.

3MN 05.11.2018 Apax Partners’ value added

Eric Bompard wants to clothe Europe in the softness of cashmere

Eric Bompard has become a major, trusted brand in France over the last 30 years. Xavier Marie, the founder of Maisons du Monde (…)

3MN 05.11.2018 CEO Interviews
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