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Melita - TMT

Investment date: 2016

Melita is the leading converged fixed-mobile telecom operator, the leader in the pay-TV and broadband markets and a challenger in the mobile market. It has a technological advantage over competitors, notably a faster internet speed.

Melita is one of the first converged cable operators in Europe providing fixed- mobile services as well as triple-play (3P) and quadruple play (4P) offers, for which consumer demand is very high.

The Maltese market has robust fundamentals: a good macro outlook, a growing population and a buoyant economy with an increasing demand for B2B telecom and hosting services. There is a clear path to revenue growth, driven by (i) competitive Mobile/4P offers, (ii) demand for higher internet connection speeds, and (iii) the development of B2B activities. Meanwhile, operational efficiency improvement is expected to lead to margin improvement.
Investment story

Nelite - TMT

Investment date: 2017

Nelite is a consulting, integration and outsourced IT services firm with its main expertise in Microsoft infrastructure, especially cloud, cybersecurity and digital technologies. The company is recognised for its extensive experience with digital transformation, virtualisation, mobility, cyber-security and cloud data centre, and with collaborative solutions. Nelite has numerous Microsoft Gold Certified Partner certifications, which makes it one of the foremost French experts in these fields. Nelite’s customers are large companies (CAC40, SBF120, etc.) and ETIs (mid-tier firms employing under 500 people). Investment story


Consort NT - TMT

Investment date: 2011

Consort NT is a digital services company that operates IT infrastructure and solutions for large account customers. The group is present in six countries (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Canada and Morocco) and has nearly 2,000 employees.

Nowo & Oni - TMT

Investment date: 2016

Nowo is the second-largest cable operator in Portugal, with more than 900,000 homes passed and 180,000 subscribers. It offers pay TV, internet access, fixed telephony services to consumers and now mobile services. ONI is one of the leading telecoms operators in Portugal offering services dedicated to corporate customers. Investment story

Gfi Informatique - TMT

Investment date: 2007

Gfi Informatique is a major player in value-added IT services and software in Europe. With a workforce of some 12,000 employees, the group occupies a strategic position in its differentiated approach to global firms and niche entities. With its multi-specialist profile, the Group serves its customers with a unique combination of proximity, sector-based organisation and industrial-quality solutions. Investment Story


Thermo Technologies - TMT

Investment date: 2012


Infopro Digital - TMT

Investment date: 2007

Infopro Digital is one of the few B2B information players to have successfully transitioned from print to digital. Digital business now represents 61% of its direct margin (excluding trade-shows and events). The company is also an efficient acquisition platform, having completed more than 30 acquisitions since 2001. Investment Story

Maltem Consulting - TMT

Investment date: 2007


Investment date: 2008


Rayonnance - TMT

Investment date: 2011


Codilink (Numericable B&L, Cabovisão) - TMT

Investment date: 2011

Principal câblo-opérateur dans la région de Bruxelles et au Luxembourg (Numericable Belgique/Luxembourg).


Investment date: 2004

Electronic components and systems for the automotive industry.


Arkadin - TMT

Investment date: 2004

Audio, web and video conferencing for business.


Prosodie - TMT

Investment date: 2006

Front office services provider.

Vizada - TMT

Investment date: 2006

Worldwide service provider of mobile satellite communications.

Groupe Outremer Telecom - TMT

Investment date: 2004

Alternative telecom operator in the French overseas territories.

Cegid - TMT

Investment date: 1999

ERP software solution.


Investment date: 2007


Odyssey - TMT

Investment date: 2006

Global financial technology company specializing in front, and middle-office software


Aprovia - TMT

Investment date: 2002

Trade shows, B2B publishing and health communication.


Cartesis - TMT

Investment date: 2004

Software vendors in the Financial Business Performance Management (ìBPMî) space.

Parkeon - TMT

Investment date: 2003

Global player in the urban mobility sector, in Parking and Transport solutions.


Medimedia - TMT

Investment date: 2002
A health communication and education group.

Creatifs - TMT

Investment date: 2002

Temporary and permanent communication lay-out.

Antalis-TV - TMT

Investment date: 2001

Terrestrial Digital Network services.


Symphonie On Line - TMT

Investment date: 2000

Administrative management syst. for hospitals.

Valoris - TMT

Investment date: 1999

Consulting company and IT services specialised in the e-business and CRM (Customer Relationship Management / IT services).



Investment date: 2000

Business Radio.


Fondasol - TMT

Investment date: 1996


The Future Network PLC - TMT

Investment date: 1998


Prosodie - TMT

Investment date: 1997
Front office services provider

Xpedite - TMT

Investment date: 1993

Enhanced fax services.


GSI Participation - TMT

Investment date: 1993

Software house.

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