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INSEEC U. - Services

Investment date: 2013

With 22,000 students and 80,000 alumni, INSEEC U. is one of the leaders in higher education institutions in France. Boasting a strong network of French and International partners, they proudly form tomorrow’s world economic leaders. Based in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambery, as well as London, Monaco, Geneva, Shanghai and San Francisco, INSEEC U. encompasses 12 colleges. The Group’s development is dedicated to the quest of excellence in, luxury, hospitality and “customer etiquette”, wine and spirits, and digital marketing-communication. Investment story


Groupe Silvya Terrade - Services

Investment date: 2016

Groupe Silvya Terrade is the French leader in beauty and hair-styling training. With 24 schools throughout France, the group trains about 4,000 students every year. Groupe Silvya Terrade is recognized for its high-quality facilities and instruction, and offers a broad range of degree, diploma and certificate programmes. The company operates in a growing and fragmented market, fuelled by the surge in the beauty, perfume and well-being businesses. Investment Story


FINDIS - Services

Investment date: 2011

Atelier des Compagnons (ADC) - Services

Investment date: 2011

Globe - Services

Investment date: 2011


TEXA - Services

Investment date: 2012

TEXA is one of France’s leading loss adjusters. Created in 1987 through the merger of 6 insurance expertise offices, the company has grown through a mix of organic growth and active consolidation of its sector. In 2009, TEXA diversified its activities by acquiring AlloDiagnostic, one of the few national players in the emerging real estate diagnostic sector. Investment Story


Albioma - Services

Investment date: 2005

Independent energy producer developing and operating projects in the three fast-growing sectors of thermal biomass, anaerobic digestion and solar power.


Buy Way Personal Finance - Services

Investment date: 2010

One of the leading consumer credit institutions in Belgium and Luxembourg. In particular, it is the leader in retailer co-branded credit cards (consumer products, electronics, etc.)

Orsys - Services

Investment date: 2011


Equalliance - Services

Investment date: 2006
French real estate developer.

Locarest - Services

Investment date: 2006


Faceo - Services

Investment date: 2007

Integrating european facility manager.


Alma CG - Services

Investment date: 2005
European leader in Cost Consulting.


Séché Environnement - Services

Investment date: 1999
One of the leading players in the treatment and storage of all types of non-radioactive industrial and household waste in France, whether from industry or from local communities.
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