Apax Partners was part of the first Private Equity funds to implement a specific approach depending on the nature of the ESG issues of each portfolio company. The Apax Partners’ ESG team is supervised by Bertrand Pivin, partner.

  • For portfolio companies, the ESG team coordinates with CEO and companies’ ESG Manager the company’s ESG policy, ensures its implementation and reports results regularly to the Board of Directors.
  • Within Apax Partners, the ESG team ensures the implementation of the ESG strategy at all stages, from investment analysis to exit and responds to investors’ requests.
  • The implemented ESG strategy has a real impact on the ESG policy of portfolio companies.


net employment increase
employment in France
of our portfolio companies’ workforce is located in France

Value creation within portfolio companies

Amplitude Surgical
Business Ethical Charter

Olivier Jallabert

Amplitude’s business Ethical Charter intends to inspire employees’ actions with customers, partners and suppliers aims and federating around values such as: world of medical devices, conflicts of interests, working environment and stock-market ethics.

CIPRÉS Assurances
Attract and retain best talents with diverse backgrounds

Laurent Ouazana

Diversity among its employees is a key driver to tap into the best talent pools and retain its workforce. 69% of CIPRÉS’ employees and 50% of top management are women. CIPRÉS also puts a strong focus in continuously improving work environment quality and continuing education policy.

Europe Snacks
Investing in employee training

Carole Guérin
Human Resources Manager

Europe Snacks emphasises employee training, with the design and implementation of workstation-related training courses for people in production jobs. These training courses lead to Professional Qualification Certificates created and recognised by agri-food industry professionals.

Gfi Informatique
Partner of « Tous HanScène »

Nicolas Juvin-Piron
Director of Social Affairs and Operational Management of Human Resources

For the first time, Gfi Informatique became a partner of the  “Tous HanScène” operation with the aim of mobilising its employees around disability. “We are determined to encourage students from our partner schools to participate in this competition, through trainees and alternates currently on assignment at our home, but also that our collaborators participate in the game and vote for their favorite video.”

Ensure we accompany our employees to prevent stress related difficulties

Philippe Ozanian

At Infovista, we believe that giving your best potential at work goes with a safe and secure work place which cares for employee’s welfare. In several of our worldwide locations, we have set up Health & Safety Committees which oversee everything from employee’s personal ergonomics to psychosocial health, and conduct regular prevention inspections. We work closely with healthcare partners or social assistants, to prevent any physical or moral stress related issues.

Promotion of the most deserving students

Sylvie Faucheux
CSR Commission President

INSEEC U.’s « Innovation & Diversity » endowment fund is committed to supporting deserving students whose personal or family situation jeopardises their pursuit of academic excellence. The first 17 students from business and engineering schools have been recipients of this scholarship of excellence for 2017-2018.

Commitment to Our People

Birgit Sandin Vildalen
Head of Q&HSE

Marlink has rolled out the HR management system “People@marlink” to create a common culture across the group and a direct dialogue with employees, to identify competence needs, training programs and to maintain and develop our employees and performance excellence.

Reducing carbon footprint of Datacenter

Simon Montanaro

Melita will progressively build out solar energy to power our data center, the largest and most advanced facility of its kind in Malta. The final goal is to produce all our energy without emitting CO2 in the atmosphere.

Partner with “Serve-the-city” building bridges for the socially excluded

Miguel Venâncio

A group of 55 employees volunteered to serve a community dinner to around 200 people socially fragile, including homeless, isolated elders and children who are in vulnerable social and economic situation. One of the greatest human tragedies in the cities is exclusion, we felt that together we can help to launch bridges so nobody feels excluded.

“Eco Attitude”

Eric Grivet
Environment and Energy Manager

On a day-to-day basis, our teams are involved in the analysis, prevention and improvement of fluids management. In 2018, we launched the implementation of an industrial analysis system, followed by detections of our potable water networks. The sizing of our ESG investments is built on preservation of our natural and economic resources for an environmental future, shared, stable and realistic.