The laboratory of Apax and its portfolio companies

About the Apax Lab

The Apax Lab serves as a focal point for all the initiatives that Apax Partners organises for its portfolio companies throughout their time with us and aims to provide them with additional tools for creating value.

It is a fully-fledged lab for sharing ideas and experiences, and a dedicated platform for networking, business development and meetings with inspirational figures to promote thinking outside the box.

The Apax Lab’s initiatives, which are organised by industry-specific or functional communities, take several forms, such as seminars, workshops and social hubs.

January 2020

ESG Sharing Day #1

The first ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) seminar

Our portfolio companies’ ESG community met up at Kwerk (Paris-La Défense) for our first-ever ESG Sharing Day on 21 January 2020.

It gave participants the chance to network, share their ESG experiences and initiatives, attend training on Apax Partners’ new Reporting 21 system, hear a special keynote speech by Antoine Sire, Head of Company Engagement at BNP Paribas and meet our team members. The next event in the series has already been lined up for autumn 2020.

November 2019

Apax Digital Community

Launch of the Apax Digital Community social hub

A new social hub has been established to build on the success of the Apax Digital Day held in October 2019 and meet the strong demand among participants to sustain and energise throughout the year the international digital community formed by Apax Partners and its portfolio companies.

Its role is to provide a meeting place for the Apax Partners digital community. It is equipped with a chat system for sharing initiatives, strategies and industry news. It can also host regular community webinars, with a view to making the Apax Digital Day the starting point for the Apax Digital Journey.

October 2019

Apax Digital Day – season 1

Apax Digital Day: a day with Apax Partners’ digital community

On 23 October 2019, Apax Partners hosted its first-ever Apax Digital Day in Paris for its digital community.

Apax invited around 15 or so of the portfolio companies’ movers and shakers in digital, marketing and tech roles to attend the event at Open Mind Kfé, Paris. The aim of the exercise was to progress efforts to build a network of digital professionals, share best practices and experiences, and find solutions together to the challenges facing the entrepreneurs we support.

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Spring 2021

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Autumn 2020

Apax Digital Day – season 2

Autumn 2020

ESG Sharing Day #2

Autumn 2020

Tech & Telecom Event

Apax Talks


Apax Talks is a digital magazine aimed at company managers. It presents growth levers for SMEs, with a focus on TMT, consumer, healthcare and services sectors.