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Digitalising the customer experience to increase sales

Both existing and prospective customers, in all markets and in all sectors, take digital transformation as a given. They expect a fluid, connected experience. It follows that you must digitalise the customer experience, not only to attract new customers but also to keep the ones you already have. In the longer term, it is also a powerful way to create value for all stakeholders. Entoria's transformation has been very successful. Eric Bompard's is underway – with very promising results. Here's how they're doing it.

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Transformation digitale de Sandaya : la recette d’un succès

Sandaya’s digital transformation: a recipe for success

Few companies can boast of successfully growing the share of their digital revenue from 30% to 60% in less than two years. Yet by implementing an ambitious digital transformation plan, Sandaya has achieved just that. Two of Sandaya’s key figures, Jean-Yves Challies, Deputy CEO, and Vincent Dussud, Chief Information Officer, spoke about their winning strategy. 

07.01.2020 CEO Interviews

Digital innovation for new growth drivers

Digital is radically changing time and space. It also modifies ecosystems and the spaces they occupy. Given the risk of new, more flexible entrants, digital innovation has one significant advantage: it provides significant growth drivers and opens the door to sustainable outlooks for development. Two Apax Partners investments, Marlink and Expereo, chose to follow this direction. What follows is a review of the keys to their success.

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Quality At Scale: How BIP Makes Digital Data Count for its Clients

BIP is a primary multinational consulting firm employing more than 2700 people worldwide (in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the United States, the Arab Emirates, Chile and Colombia). BIP’s professionals offer management consulting services and business integration services, helping companies in the research and adoption of disruptive technological innovation. Fabio Troiani, CEO and Co-founder of BIP explains the company’s differentiating approach to embracing a future driven by technological innovation.

08.01.2020 CEO Interviews


Apax Partners invests in GRAITEC, International software publisher and distributor of BIM Solutions

Paris, France, December 23, 2019

Apax Partners announces the acquisition of GRAITEC, publisher and distributor in Europe and America, of BIM (Building Information Modelling) software for design, calculation, simulation, manufacturing and collaborative management.

Apax Partners Development finalises acquisition of Maison Routin

Paris (France), 9 december 2019

Apax Partners Development and its co-investors, UI Gestion and Crédit Mutuel Equity, have finalised the acquisition of Maison Routin – 1883.

Apax Partners announces the sale to Andera Partners of its stake in Groupe SYLPA

Paris (France), 29 November 2019

Apax Partners announces the sale to Andera Partners of its stake in Groupe SYLPA, a leading specialist in electrical engineering, installation and maintenance for high and low voltage systems. Apax Partners Development has worked with Groupe SYLPA since 2015.


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Comment #Sandaya a-t-elle réussi à faire passer son #CA issu du #digital de 30 à 60 % en deux ans ? Réponse dans le dernier #ApaxTalks, avec une interview exclusive ➡️ https://t.co/XiYNOPrKJ5

[#ApaxTalks] Rayonner à l’échelle mondiale : la #data, nouvel outil indispensable. Décryptage de Fabio Troiani, CEO de @Bip_Group #ApaxTalks #données ➡️ https://t.co/Z2HMzblBly

Pourquoi #digitaliser son parcours #client ? Les dirigeants d’@ENTORIAofficiel et @ericbompard s’expriment sur leurs stratégies dans le dernier numéro #ApaxTalks ➡️ https://t.co/6Yh0qLU90i

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