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INSEEC U. implements ESG at all levels

Since 2014, the higher education group has involved all of its stakeholders in the implementation of responsible academic and environmental programmes. Catherine Lespine, CEO, and Bertrand Pivin, Partner at Apax Partners, examine this ambitious project, which has been successful both in France and abroad.

3MN 08.04.2019 CEO Interviews

THOM Europe’s earnest and resolute ESG programme

Responsible sourcing, human resources more involved in employees’ growth and development and safety in the workplace are central to THOM Europe’s sustainability initiatives. Today, Europe’s leading jewellery seller would like to go even further and is aiming for excellence in ESG, as Romain Peninque, the group’s CEO, explains.

3MN 08.04.2019 CEO Interviews

Venture Philanthropy maximises the social impact of major charities

Created nearly 10 years ago by Maurice Tchenio, the AlphaOmega Foundation uses private equity methods to efficiently support major charitable institutions and help extend their reach. Elisabeth Elkrief, Managing Director of the AlphaOmega Foundation explains the principles and objectives of this unique foundation that is coupled with an endowment fund invested in private equity.

3MN 08.04.2019 Words from experts

ESG is Apax Partners’ fourth value-creation axis

Since 2011, Apax Partners has made a point of supporting portfolio companies in the development and monitoring of a clear ESG roadmap. The objective is to make corporate social responsibility a powerful driver of financial and non-financial performance. Sophie Uzan, Head of HR and ESG, and Bertrand Pivin, Partner, discuss this ambitious objective.

3MN 08.04.2019 Apax Partners’ value added


Eric Hamou joins Apax Partners as a new Partner in the TMT team

Paris (France), 12 September 2019

Apax Partners is pleased to announce that Eric Hamou has joined the company as a Partner in the TMT team. Apax Partners’ 34-strong investment team includes 15 Partners.

Apax Partners and Altamir sell their Altran shares to Capgemini to help create an undisputed leader of digital transformation for businesses

Paris (France), 25 June 2019

In connection with Capgemini group’s proposed friendly takeover bid for Altran’s shares, Apax Partners and Altamir have entered into an agreement with the Capgemini group to sell their entire interest in the share capital of Altran for €14.00 per share (after payment of the €0.24 dividend per share).

EQT acquires the leading Maltese telecom operator Melita

Paris (France), 22 May 2019

EQT Infrastructure IV (“EQT” or “EQT Infrastructure”), has signed an agreement to acquire Melita Limited (“Melita” or the “Company”) from Apax Partners and Fortino Capital.


[#ApaxTalks] “In qualità di #azionisti di lungo termine, aiuteremo i #manager a riflettere sui 3 assi di #CreazioneDiValore di Apax Partners: #internazionalizzazione, #buildup e #digitale”, Caroline Gauthier, cofondatrice di Comitium https://t.co/vHpfDXNnvH

L’#ESG, un outil pour appréhender les grandes mutations à l’œuvre au sein des entreprises. Depuis 2011, nous mettons un point d’honneur à accompagner les entreprises dans l’élaboration et le suivi d’une feuille de route ESG claire via @InvestingFrance

[#ApaxTalks] « Le partage de #compétences sectorielles des équipes #MidCap et #cotées devrait permettre à Comitium de très bien performer », Eddie Misrahi, Président d’Apax Partners https://t.co/yTGXgSnG46 #ETI #investissement

[#ApaxTalks] “As a long-term shareholder, we will help company #executives create a systematic approach to the 3 avenues of #ValueCreation identified by Apax Partners: #internationalisation, #buildups & #digital.” Caroline Gauthier, co-founder of Comitium https://t.co/c81DrQyzSl

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