Vincent Rouaix

Vincent Rouaix, Chief Executive Officer of GFI

"Apax Partners fully plays its part as an accelerated growth driver, supporting us in our M&A processes from strategic analyses to financial arrangements."

Interview by Apax Partners - September 2013

Philippe Salle

Philippe Salle, Former Chief Executive Officer of the Altran Group

"Apax is first and foremost a partner. This is a partner that can assist you in expanding your activities and growing your business both in France and internationally, as was the case in the acquisition of IndustrieHansa in 2013, which enabled Altran to become one of the top five companies in the German market."

Interview by Apax Partners - August 2013

Christophe Czajka

Christophe Czajka, Chairman and Founder of Infopro Digital

"After a five-year partnership with Apax Partners, InfoPro Digital has doubled the size of the group and has brought about positive change in its profitability. Even more remarkable is the major transformation of our operations to digital technology, whose share will increase from the current 50% to 70 or 80% by 2015."

Interview Apax Partners - July 2013

Hubert Jacobs van Merlen

Hubert Jacobs van Merlen, Chairman of IEE

"It was a very effective partnership. There was a high element of trust and transparency, which was a strength. There was a clear definition of roles and, from the management's perspective, we enjoyed a high degree of freedom."

Apax Partners' 2012 annual report - May 2013

Didier Bench

Didier Bench, Chairman of Cartesis

"We selected Apax Partners for their extensive experience in supporting SMEs with international potential and for the quality of the contact we had with their investors."

Excerpt from the video - 40 years of Apax Partners - September 2012

Georges Croix

Georges Croix, Chairman and CEO of Prosodie

"The joint project between Prosodie and Apax France was both profitable and effective. During the five years of the LBO, the company gained a new positioning, a sustainable organization and recurring cash flows. Business revenues grew strongly, EBITDA more than doubled and the number of employees grew 3% a year. It is worth noting that Apax France was content to let Prosodie's management oversee the sales process, choose the timing of the sale and select their preferred buyer, all without requiring Prosodie to launch an open auction. This was important because it enabled us to choose the best solution to secure Prosodie's long term future and protect its integrity and identity."

Apax Partners' 2011 Annual Report - July 2012

Erik Ceuppens

Erik Ceuppens, Chairman of Vizada

"Apax acted as a catalyst to help realise the strategic ambition of our management team, which was to remain a key actor in a consolidating industry. With its strategic approach, financing expertise and courage, Apax gathered the essential elements for a successful build-up strategy: creating a world leading company in satellite communications services. Apax's cooperation with the executive team further developed our management skills. The alignment of objectives and focus on value creation proved a powerful combination. Directing management to act on these priorities really made the difference and enabled us to separate the essentials from the noise."

Apax Partners' 2011 Annual Report - July 2012

Jean-Michel Hégésippe

Jean-Michel Hégésippe, Chairman of Outremer Telecom

"The Apax France team combines investment expertise, a specialist knowledge of the telecom sector and great human qualities that are key to the creation of a strong working relationship. I have no doubt that Apax France was key to the success story that is Outremer Telecom."

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