List of previously supported companies

More than 200 supported companies.
The list below is an extract.


TEXA - Services

Investment date: 2012

TEXA is one of France’s leading loss adjusters. Created in 1987 through the merger of 6 insurance expertise offices, the company has grown through a mix of organic growth and active consolidation of its sector. In 2009, TEXA diversified its activities by acquiring AlloDiagnostic, one of the few national players in the emerging real estate diagnostic sector.

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Infopro Digital - TMT

Investment date: 2007

Infopro Digital is one of the few B2B information players to have successfully transitioned from print to digital. Digital business now represents 61% of its direct margin (excluding trade-shows and events). The company is also an efficient acquisition platform, having completed more than 30 acquisitions since 2001.

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Unilabs - Healthcare

Investment date: 2007

Unilabs aspires to be at the heart and start of all effective treatment decisions. With over 115 laboratories, 44 imaging units and a broad catalogue of more than 2,500 diagnostic tests, Unilabs is one of Europe’s leading providers of clinical laboratory testing and medical diagnostic imaging services. Headquartered in Geneva, the Unilabs Group services sectors ranging from private and public healthcare providers to local governments, from pharmaceutical companies to the general public. Unilabs Group employs more than 4,500 people worldwide, successfully operating laboratory and medical diagnostic imaging facilities in 12 countries.

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Capio - Healthcare

Investment date: 2006

Leading European private healthcare provider.


Albioma - Services

Investment date: 2005

Independent energy producer developing and operating projects in the three fast-growing sectors of thermal biomass, anaerobic digestion and solar power.


Buy Way Personal Finance - Services

Investment date: 2010

One of the leading consumer credit institutions in Belgium and Luxembourg. In particular, it is the leader in retailer co-branded credit cards (consumer products, electronics, etc.)


Codilink (Numericable B&L, Cabovisão) - TMT

Investment date: 2011

Principal câblo-opérateur dans la région de Bruxelles et au Luxembourg (Numericable Belgique/Luxembourg).


Maisons du Monde - Consumer

Investment date: 2008

Specialist home decoration and furniture retailer.


Investment date: 2004

Electronic components and systems for the automotive industry.


Heytens & Mondial Tissus (Season) - Consumer

Investment date: 2005

Home decoration retail group with two chains : Heytens, a specialiased retailer in custom-made furnishing fabrics and Mondial Tissus which provides essentially by-meter fabrics.

Arkadin - TMT

Investment date: 2004

Audio, web and video conferencing for business.

Afflelou - Consumer

Investment date: 2000

Franchisor of optical stores.


Equalliance - Services

Investment date: 2006

French real estate developer.

Prosodie - TMT

Investment date: 2006

Front office services provider.

Vizada - TMT

Investment date: 2006

Worldwide service provider of mobile satellite communications.

Groupe Outremer Telecom - TMT

Investment date: 2004

Alternative telecom operator in the French overseas territories.

Rue Du Commerce - Consumer

Investment date: 1999

One of the leading French e-commerce.

Cegid - TMT

Investment date: 1999

ERP software solution.


U10 - Consumer

Investment date: 2007

Create specialized product lines developed around household and personal leisure goods and accessories.

Faceo - Services

Investment date: 2007

Integrating european facility manager.

Odyssey - TMT

Investment date: 2006

Global financial technology company specializing in front, and middle-office software

Vedici - Healthcare

Investment date: 2006

Private hospital group, specialised in medicine, surgery, obstetrics, follow-up care, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Morgan - Consumer

Investment date: 1997

Women’s fashion wear.


Aprovia - TMT

Investment date: 2002

Trade shows, B2B publishing and health communication.


Alma CG - Services

Investment date: 2005

European leader in Cost Consulting.

Cartesis - TMT

Investment date: 2004

Software vendors in the Financial Business Performance Management (ìBPMî) space.


Parkeon - TMT

Investment date: 2003

Global player in the urban mobility sector, in Parking and Transport solutions.


Medimedia - TMT

Investment date: 2002

A health communication and education group.

Creatifs - TMT

Investment date: 2002

Temporary and permanent communication lay-out.

Antalis-TV - TMT

Investment date: 2001

Terrestrial Digital Network services.

Séché Environnement - Services

Investment date: 1999

One of the leading players in the treatment and storage of all types of non-radioactive industrial and household waste in France, whether from industry or from local communities.

NicOx - Healthcare

Investment date: 1995

Emerging international company focused on the ophthalmic market.


Frans-Bonhomme - Consumer

Investment date: 2003

Distributor of plastic pipe, tubes and fittings.

Celio - Consumer

Investment date: 1993

International fashion brand dedicated to men.


Symphonie On Line - TMT

Investment date: 2000

Administrative management syst. for hospitals.

Valoris - TMT

Investment date: 1999

Consulting company and IT services specialised in the e-business and CRM (Customer Relationship Management / IT services).

Hubert Finance - Consumer

Investment date: 1999

Frozen goods for bakery.

2003 ( - Consumer

Investment date: 1999

E-commerce travel agency.

Aigle - Consumer

Investment date: 2000

Outdoor footwear and apparel



Investment date: 2000

Business Radio.


Gifi - Consumer

Investment date: 1996

Chain of discount variety stores.

Fondasol - TMT

Investment date: 1996



The Future Network PLC - TMT

Investment date: 1998

Frans-Bonhomme - Consumer

Investment date: 1994

Distributor of plastic pipe, tubes and fittings.


Lehmann - Consumer

Investment date: 1997

Construction materials.

Prosodie - TMT

Investment date: 1997

Front office services provider

Erard - Consumer

Investment date: 1996

TV antenna accessories.

Xpedite - TMT

Investment date: 1993

Enhanced fax services.

Coletica - Healthcare

Investment date: 1992

Biomaterials for the cosmetic industry


Metrologie int'l - Consumer

Investment date: 1995

European computer wholesaler


Sephora - Consumer

Investment date: 1991

Perfumes and cosmetics retailing.


GSI Participation - TMT

Investment date: 1993

Software house.