Leading Player In Small And Mid Market Private Equity

There are many entrepreneurs in France and elsewhere in Europe aiming to make their companies champions of their industries, both at home and abroad. To succeed, these entrepreneurs need the backing of a committed investor who can provide vital resources and support.

We, at Apax Partners, are motivated by realising the potential of these companies and developing them. Our 45 years of experience and sector specialisation represent the key strengths that make us the right choice. They enable us to identify the most promising companies in our specialist sectors, understand their growth drivers and support their management as they work to achieve their ambitions.

Apax Partners réussit à ceux qui veulent réussir. Our strong values and ethics also set us apart. We pride ourselves on being a professional, respectful, exacting and bold partner.

By selecting Apax Partners, entrepreneurs are choosing a committed, supportive and stimulating investor who will share their vision, their strategy and their long-term development.

Our success is built on the close, trust-based relationships that our teams have with our entrepreneurs and investors alike, and on our desire to succeed as a team.

Apax Partners is an established, leading private equity firm both in France and in Europe. We assist entrepreneurs who have ambitious growth plans for their business.

An independent company, wholly owned by its Partners

“Our independence is our strength: decisions are made in Paris, directly and efficiently. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the needs of the business owners who come to us.”

Eddie Misrahi


Eddie Misrahi, Chairman and CEO



“2016, a year of…”

20% gross portfolio return, €369m invested and €601m in sale proceeds. Portfolio companies increased their EBITDA by 20% and their revenue by 18%.


In 2016, we supported our 15 portfolio companies as they carried out 19 build‑ups, increasing their total revenue by €900m and their EBITDA by €120m.

2016 augurs well for 2017, and digital is our priority. Recently, we started conducting systematic digital audits and published the first French barometer of SMEs digital maturity.

2016 Key figures

funds managed and advised
proceeds across all funds
gross portfolio return
investments and commitments
co-invested by our investors
portfolio companies at 31 December 2016



Apax Partners is a pioneer of the private equity industry in Europe and in particular in France. In 1983, it raised the first fund exclusively targeting French investments, which became the first FCPR (Fonds Commun de Placement à Risques) to be launched in France. The French private equity association (AFIC) was created in 1984, co-founded by Apax Partners’ founder Maurice Tchenio and four other investment professionals.

Today, Apax Partners is one of the most dynamic private equity firms operating in the French speaking mid-market.

1972: Maurice Tchenio and Ronald Cohen found Apax Partners’ predecessor Multinational Management Group (MMG) in France and the UK

1976: MMG and Alan Patricof Associates (US) join forces

1983: Apax Partners initiates France’s first venture capital fund, or FCPR (Fonds Communs de Placement à Risques), with francs 100m.

1984: Co-foundation of the French private equity association (AFIC)

1990: The firm adopts a sector-focused strategy

1991: MMG is renamed Apax Partners

2006: Apax Partners in France decides to maintain its mid-market focus and independence from the other Apax Partners entities

2010: Apax Partners’ founder passes control of the firm to its partners

2015: The Apax France VIII fund is more than 87% invested

2016 : The Apax France VIII fund is more than 93% invested. The €1,030 million Apax France IX fund was raised and is already 23% invested in three companies (InfoVista, Marlink and Sandaya).

Business Model

Apax Talks


Apax Talks is a digital magazine aimed at company managers. It presents growth levers for SMEs, with a focus on TMT, consumer, healthcare and services sectors.