Apax Blog

“Our partners analyse and interpret news from our companies on Apax Blog”

New year, new projects! To kick off 2017, I am delighted to present “Apax Blog”. Every week, the partners of Apax Partners will comment on the latest news from the companies we support, including results, analyses and overall context. In addition, Monique Cohen, Bertrand Pivin, Bruno Candelier, Franck Hagège, Gilles Rigal and Thomas de Villeneuve will write about their day-to-day work with the management team of our portfolio companies.

“Apax Blog” is part of our comprehensive digital communication strategy to help executives create value for their companies. The blog will complement our two-year-old digital magazine Apax Talks, which analyses the successful strategies of small and mid-sized companies. The articles will also be published on LinkedIn to extend their reach and open a dialogue with you.

Enjoy reading “Apax Blog”!

Eddie Misrahi

Eddie Misrahi President & Chief Executive Officer Contact informations